The most disappointing final bosses of all time

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No matter how engaging the plot, how engaging the gameplay, one child final boss The lack of quality at the end of the game can still make players feel disappointed for a very long time with the game they have worked so hard to conquer. Sadly, there are many “hit” games that have made this mistake, and caused their goodness to be significantly reduced.

Nihilanth – Half-Life

After hours of solving puzzles and destroying Allien, you finally reach the end of the game to face the leader of Xen – the alien force is attacking Earth. And then, do you fall back, when you see the form of Nihilanth: An oversized infant with a huge head. Horror is it? No. No problem. It only frustrates people with disappointment.


Not only has the appearance terrible, this is also one of the most boring boss battles in the game world. Okay, to be fair, if you confront Nihilanth directly, that “oversized child” will also cause you many difficulties. However, if you don’t want to look at that ugly face for too long, then all you need to do is hide behind a rock and shoot him to death. Bad looks, boring combat, Nihilanth is really a disappointment for fans of the Half-Life series.

Lucien – Fable 2

Above all, Fable 2 is a great RPG, with a detailed world, secrets to uncover, and countless choices you can make yourself along the way. However, the game’s ending battle is not only boring but also beyond the imagination of any player.


All the player needs to do in the fight is to suck all the power of Lucien – the final boss of the game, while he is constantly babbling with pomp and pride. Once that job is done, you’ll only need a single hit to knock out that smug mouth, like using your finger to kill an ant. And just like that, Fable 2 ended, leaving players with scattered emotions and overwhelming disappointment.

Corypheus – Dragon Age: Inquistion

The final version of the Dragon Age series (up to now) is really not a bad game, it can even be said to be good. Many people think that it can be compared with Dragon Age: Originsthe best version of the series, if not for the frustratingly bad final boss.


Yes, at first, Corypheus seemed like an extremely fearsome enemy with a large army of demons and powerful Dragons. However, in some stupid way, he just kept losing battle after battle. In the end, when facing the Inquisitor (the main character), all he showed was a few basic moves and then he was defeated easily, even on Nightmare difficulty. The ‘only’ method that can help you make this battle more ‘balanced’, is to rush the game quickly and skip a lot of equipment and sidequests, to become weak-on par. with Corypheus.

The Destroyer – Borderlands

There’s a lot of controversy surrounding the ending of Borderlands except for one: The game’s disappointing final boss.


Initially, The Destroyer appeared with a giant appearance and menacing octopus tentacles, making big players a bit shy because they thought it was a terrible boss. Then, its huge blue weak point appears, and all you have to do is aim and shoot. Worse, after dying, this boss also only ‘drops’ some change and a mid-range weapon.

The JokerBatman: Arkham Asylum

Arkham Asylum is one of the great games about the superhero Batman, that is something that no one can deny. However, if you are a fan of Joker, then the final boss battle of the game will definitely be a huge grain that is hard to swallow. In the game, for some reason, Joker turned himself into a big guy with a crested head, and challenged Batman to a duel. The battle is not difficult, as Batman is definitely a better fighter in the use of fists.


Joker, a character famous for his mischievous head with plots that make the whole world go crazy, now suddenly turns into a “brave and unscrupulous” guy who likes to use his fists to solve problems. This definitely damaged the image of ‘The Clown’ in the hearts of fans, and turned the final boss battle in Arham Asylum into one of the worst end-game fights in the world.​

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