Teenager Famous Generals 3Q: The brand new Three Kingdoms game surprises with the gameplay that doesn’t wait for your turn

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Teenager Danh General 3Q is a tactical general card mobile game based on the Three Kingdoms plot. In addition to keeping the characteristics of the traditional card strategy game series, Teenager of Fame and General 3Q brings a completely new experience with horseback pushing gameplay on horizontal screen – “Fight without waiting for turn”.

Teenager 3Q Breakthrough with a completely new gameplay

This is the highlight that helps Teenager Famed General 3Q become more different from the card fighting games currently on the market. Instead of playing turn-based skill exchange, which is somewhat not new, in Teenager Famous Generals 3Q, each champion who only needs to accumulate enough fury is free to launch moves, “fight without waiting for turn”. From there, bringing eye-catching skill effects, creating a super cool combo attack, contributing to changing the game in an unpredictable direction.

Beautiful skill effects of Teenager of Fame 3Q

Waiting is not always happy, especially in the busy modern life, sometimes making people feel bored or even… sleepy. Therefore, the unique action sequences as well as the agility in handling the moves of the Teenager of Fame and General 3Q contribute to the fun and excitement of both the game and real life.

Cherish your precious time, with 3Q Youth, no one has to wait

In addition, the steed system is also a highlight to help the 3Q Teenager to score points with gamers. Instead of just appearing as a mere appearance, each steed is equipped with a unique skill that helps the hero stand out among the heroes of the Three Kingdoms, and significantly increases the strength of the squad. Thereby, not only making the appearance of the generals majestic, but also adding special and interesting to the battlefield.

Although built on the plot of the Three Kingdoms, 3Q Teenager has applied color graphic design in the style of Japanese Anime Manga. Thereby, the chaotic scene of the Three Kingdoms period with the familiar character system: Lu Bo, Dieu Thuyen, Trieu Van, Ngoa Long Zhuge Liang, Guan Yu, Cao Cao, Sima Y… suddenly became more lovely. sure.

Create cool and cute chibi images of the mighty generals

It is known that 3Q Teenager is expected to be released in May 2020. This is also the information that fans of the Three Kingdoms tactical card game genre are most excited about in recent times.

Fans of the general card game series can’t wait for the release of the 3Q Teenager’s Name

In order to stir up the community atmosphere, with gamers counting down the day to officially touch the Teenager General 3Q, the game executive board organized a “hard fan race” with many fun activities taking place from April 18 to April 1. 15/5. Players just need to follow the game’s official fanpage and instagram, share the article as prescribed, and have the opportunity to receive countless unexpected ingame gifts, which will be announced by the Organizing Committee on the end of the event. .​

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