Final Fantasy XV will continue to release DLC versions until 2019

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Not really a game yet Final Fantasy classics like the heyday of this series (FFVII, VIII, IX, X), but FFXV also received a lot of love from the fans. Even, for many people, the novelty and breakthrough of Final Fantasy XV even left them with more impressions than the old games. It is these fans’ love and affection that are the main reason for the change in Square Enix’s plans with Final Fantasy XV.


According to the original plan, Hajime Tabata, the game’s executive producer, said that he would add at least 3 expansions to Final Fantasy XV in 2018. However, that has now been changed, when Tabata announced Dad will have 4 more copies DLC was released, and not this year.

“There is one thing that I want to share with everyone, that it is very possible that not all (every DLC) will be released this year alone,” Tabata said in an interview with 4Gamer. Thus, it also means that Royal Edition will not be the final finished version of Final Fantasy XV.


Tabata also admitted that the initial plan was that everything would be completed in 2018. However, when looking at the results of the survey, more than 62% of the respondents were looking forward to the content. new of the game. Therefore, Tabata decided that Final Fantasy XV needed more time to develop until it was completed.

“Instead of rushing to finish everything in 2018, we decided to do 4 more episodes in 2019. That way, we will have enough time to develop and deliver more quality content. “


For fans of Final Fantasy XV, this is obviously good news as they can continue to enjoy the game’s new content. Although the waiting time is quite long, but with the final product that can be received, anyone will accept and be satisfied.

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