Wandering the sewers, Far Cry 5 gamers discovered the mystery of Pennywise

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If you are a fan of Far Cry, you are no stranger to the mysteries that developers integrate into the game world.. Sometimes it’s just a tribute to famous movies or games. But sometimes it turns into ghost stories that haunt anyone who accidentally finds out. Remember in Far Cry 3 Gamers once had to receive a mission to investigate a plane crash off the coast. This task was assigned by an old woman who lives in a nearby makeshift house, it is said that the night before she saw a plane flying through the window even though her house did not have any windows. .

When you arrive, gamers only see a rusty plane lying there.. Asked the people, you know that the plane crash happened many years ago and there is no old woman living in the other house. When you come back all you see is an abandoned house without a single person. Until then, many gamers still felt haunted about this mission and always searched for the final answer to the mysterious old woman’s whereabouts.


Now in Far Cry 5, the developer makes gamers’ hearts stop beating one more beat.. Accordingly, although the game has only been released for a few days, players have discovered one of Far Cry 5’s scariest mysteries. There. If you follow a quest to find the secret stash to the west of the Fall’s End area, you’ll discover a stream with two manholes at either end… At one end the player will find a chest. secret items, but if you go against the other end, the player will witness the characteristic image of the clown Pennywise in the movie IT.. Yes, it is the red balloon floating right in front of the manhole. However, if you bravely go all the way to the end of the manhole or shoot the ball, the gamer will not be stuck in the neck by the mouth of the tooth or the blood is splashed all over the screen.. All that, a red ball floating. no more.


But the story does not end there.. because the balloon has not let go of you. If you continue to the area managed by the “ghost” Faith Seed, you can come across a strange warehouse located near the bridge. If you restore the electricity to this warehouse, you will have the opportunity to step into Ohara’s Haunted House – a thrilling tour with extremely horror and gore images.. If you are calm enough to go through. In this house, you will reach the attic where another red balloon continues to appear in front of you..


Next to the ball was a piece of paper that read:

Obviously we know who “fear” and “it” are repeatedly mentioned in the piece of paper refer to..

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