Top 10 movies based on terrible games that lost a lot of money for tickets

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The array of adapting hot games into movies has become a new trend, but not every product is a great success. Except for the “Resident Evil” series, which lasts for a few parts and always attracts customers, most of the film adaptation from the game are difficult to have high box office revenue, even though the original game is extremely popular.

ten. World of Warcraft (revenue: $433 million)


When “World of Warcraft” was released, it caused quite a stir in the movie world, but the reaction in the US market and elsewhere was mediocre, despite its global box office revenue of $433 million. but the cost has reached 160 million USD (this is not including post-production and propaganda costs.” According to the motto of filmmaking, the revenue of this film must be at least 3 times the cost to be considered as having a profit. profit.

9. Assassin’s Creed (grossing: $36 million)


From the very beginning of its release, the film’s dismal box office future was seen. Although the film premiered on Christmas Eve, the film only grossed $15 million, even lower than the film that didn’t get as much PR as “Passengers”.

8. Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time (grossing: $336 million)


This film is a remake of Ubisoft’s game of the same name, although it has a global revenue of more than 300 million USD, but the production cost has reached 200 million USD.

7. Tomb Raider 2: The Cradle of Life (grossing: $156 million)


No one can deny the hotness of “Tomb Raider” but not all of its movies are popular and bring huge profits. After tasting the sweet fruit with a revenue of $ 274 million from the first part, the producer continued to release part 2, but what no one expected was that, although the cost of making the film increased, the revenue fell by 50% compared to the first part. first part. This is also the reason why “Tomb Raider” has not released any more movies since then, although the game version has never cooled down.

6. Doom (revenue: $55 million)


Not only did the game’s shooting interface be creative, but the filmmaker of “Doom” also invited action star Dwayne Johnson, but the movie still couldn’t turn on. With a film cost of $60 million and only 55 million, “Doom” failed miserably in the movie arena.

5. Silent Hill 2 (revenue: 52 million USD)


Part 1 of “Silent Hill” can be said to be the “super product” of the movie adaptation of the game when it spent $ 20 million but earned up to $ 100 million. But its part 2 completely smashed the title of this super product, not only having lower revenue than part 1, but also not enough to cover the loss.

4. Dungeons & Dragons (grossing: $33 million)


Like “World of Warcraft”, “Dungeons & Dragons” also belongs to the fantasy game genre and has been filmed into a movie since 2000. New Line Cinema is extremely conservative when it only invested $ 45 million, the cost of making the film is low. poverty ruined this classic masterpiece, making the film not only poor plot but also extremely bad effects. It’s so underrated, so $33 million in sales is already pretty benevolent.

3. Dungeon Siege (revenue: $13 million)


This movie is adapted from the RPG game of the same name, but from the beginning it was not appreciated, because the investment cost of 30 million USD in Hollywood was just enough to make a normal movie. What’s scarier is that the director of the famous movie is a bad director, even if Johan Statham is involved, nothing can be saved.

2. Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li (grossing: $12.76 million)


Chun Li is the most favorite character of gamers in the fighting game “Street Fighter”, but the film adaptation failed miserably. FOX originally wanted to borrow this film to launch a series, but poor reviews and poor sales smashed this thought in its infancy.

1. BloodRayne (grossing: $3.65 million)


“BloodRayne” is probably the most tragic game adaptation in cinematic history, its sales are so bad that it is not even an odd number of production costs.​

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