More than 20,000 iPhones stolen during riots in India

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Recently, more than 2,000 employees in Narsapura (Karnataka State, India) destroyed the factory. Iphone where they are working. It is known that the cause of the incident is because the company automatically detains their salary unreasonably. Accordingly, the salary of engineering graduates is 21,000 Rupees (6.6 million VND) but in recent months they have only received from 12,000 to 16,000 Rupees (3.7 – 5 million VND). Meanwhile, employees who do not graduate from engineering majors even have their salaries reduced to 2.5 million VND/month.​


The riot of employees caused much damage to facilities and production equipment for Wistron factory. Some employees, disgruntled with the meager wages they received, led each other to smash the office, burn the cameras and vehicles, fortunately the main production line was not damaged.

However, that is not all, according to The Times of India, taking advantage of the chaos, some workers have taken advantage of the opportunity to steal brand new iPhones being produced here. It is known that up to 20,000 iPhones were stolen with a total value of up to Rs 4.37 billion (equivalent to VND 1373 billion).


Mr. Shivaram Hebbar, Director of the Karnataka State Labor Department, said that the factory has signed a contract with a subsidiary to hire 8900 workers for this factory. The Labor Department also informed the factory, so that they asked the iPhone maker to pay the employees in full within 3 days.​

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