Spot the ghosts in Phasmophobia – Ghost hunting game is extremely hot on Steam

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For horror enthusiasts, Phasmophobia Probably the most talked about name right now. Gamers can co-op with 3 other players to hunt down and behead the ghosts before they break their necks. Of course, to be able to do this, you first need to know the strengths and weaknesses of each type of ghost. Here are all 12 types of ghosts that appear at the moment and what to keep in mind when you face them.



Stimulating the victim to the extreme is one of its strong points. Poltergeist causes chaos by throwing multiple objects at the same time towards the target. However, just because throwing objects is its advantage, an empty room with nothing is a big disadvantage for this type of ghost.


Jinn has a safe zone and will attack when it feels the safe zone is threatened, i.e. when you invade its zone. The more you try to escape, the faster Jinn moves and this is also their strength. However, darkness is Jinn’s weakness, so the trick here is to turn off all power at locations, Jinn’s ability will be significantly reduced.


Banshee are dangerous because they hide and stalk each player one by one. It will attack anything in sight but has a weak point – the cross. This type of ghost will become surprisingly “gentle” when near a cross.



Spirits are common ghosts in Phasmophobia, which can be found anywhere people die for unknown reasons. Although they have no specific strengths, they can still become dangerous opponents when you accidentally encounter them in their hunting grounds. In addition, the weak point of Spirit is Smudge Sticks, just have 1 Smudge Sticks, it will not bother you for a long time.


As one of the most formidable opponents in the game because they can penetrate walls and have excellent fighting ability. When the Wraith fly up, they leave no footprints, you will not be able to track this type of ghost. Wraith’s weakness is salt.


Phantom’s strength is making players lose consciousness when looking directly at it, so when encountering this type of ghost, it is best not to look directly at it. The weak point is that when taking a photo, it disappears.


Darkness is Mare’s advantage, so when facing this type of ghost, turn on a light or use a torch, its ability will be limited.



Revenant is probably the scariest ghost in Phasmophobia because they “like” to attack, without any reason. A Revenant is usually slow but when hunting, they can be as fast as Jinn. The ability to move extremely fast when hunting is its forte.


They are the shyest ghosts in the group, but this feature is their advantage because when it hides, it is not easy to find. However, if you go in groups, Shade will not attack.


A fierce enemy and will attack you more often than any other type of ghost in the game. Strong attack power is a strong point, the only way to counter them is with the help of Ouija. However, you need to successfully question Ouija and this will reduce your sanity.


Their power is to drain the player’s sanity faster than any other type of ghost. However, the player can use the Smudge Stick to stop it from moving.



The Oni’s aggression will increase as you get closer to it. Oni are related to Demons, they are actually cousins. The strong point is being able to move objects at lightning speed while the weakness is only maximizing the power when the target is close.

Phasmophobia is currently only in early access with the 12 types of ghosts listed above. Until the official launch, the number will surely increase even more with many new things to discover.​

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