Virtual death with the graphics of Final Fantasy 11 Mobile version

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Square Enix always the leading company in bringing PC/Console games to Mobile.. typically with countless versions of the series Final Fantasy Famous is brought to mobile. However, when announcing Final Fantasy 11 – version Online Games The first of the series will land on Mobile, Square Enix has made the news-selling community doubtful. The reason is simply because the ability to deliver such a large open world environment and the ability to support such a large number of players is extremely difficult.

However, it seems that the Japanese giant is ready to put aside all doubts when officially announcing the first images of the company. Final Fantasy 11 Mobile. And indeed these images make gamers unable to be shocked because of its terrible graphics quality.​


Co-developed by Square Enix and Nexon, Final Fantasy 11 Mobile promises to surpass the original version on PC/Console when giving gamers access to the most modern 3D effects. Along with that, the game also owns a large world for gamers to freely explore and carry out their adventure journeys.

There is no official release date yet Final Fantasy 11 Mobile. Emergenceingame.Com will update information about the game as soon as possible for readers.​

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