You won’t believe this is a game if you see these screenshots

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Sometimes the pictures taken directly from the game or more familiar through the name “screenshot” are an effective tool for gamers to record ecstatic moments. It can be the huge number of lives you kill in a game, it can be super unique images that have never been seen… or it can also be top-notch works with the level of a true photographer. .


Andy Cull is such a person, a “photographer” who brings his passion into the virtual world instead of the real world. Using a graphics tweaking tool called ReShade, Andy is able to perform special camera angles while creating eye-catching effects while the game is running. As a result we have stunning screenshots.. not exaggerated when compared to real life photos. Are from Uncharted 4, The Last of Us, Mass Effect Andromeda, Ghost Recon WildlandsAssassin’s Creed Origins until Hellblade… these are the most artistic and beautiful images you will ever see..

You can check out Andy’s entire screenshot collection here:

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