CFL harmonizes with World Cup 2018 with a series of exciting events

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Let’s take a look at the events not to be missed in the season World Cup 2018 of gamers CrossFire Legends Please!

Event prediction World Cup – Starting from June 13

  • Predict one match per day.
  • How to participate: ADC with 200 gems (20,000 VND) can participate in the prediction. You can only predict 1 of 3 outcomes: Team A win, Team B win, 2 teams draw if guessing 2 or more is considered invalid.
  • When participating in predicting the gunner will receive a Euro bullet save (12 hours).

The marksman who correctly predicts the result will get 200 gems + Gems = (Total predicted gems / correct guessers).


Event “Fire with the World Cup”

This event takes place only one day, today, June 14. Archer CFL Loading into the game for the first time at the milestone of 20,000 VND will be x10 which means you will receive up to 2000 Gem (without the item).

Combined World Cup Event Lunar New Year (June 15-18)

All gunners on these days just need to log in to the game to receive gifts from the system. In addition, you can also farm components and gems during this time. See the picture below for details!



Tet event Doan Ngo (June 15 – 18):

When participating in Zombie Lau Lan Co To version, you will have the opportunity to receive attractive gifts


Happy World Cup Shop has attractive welcome programs:

Promotions”Fire with the 2018 World Cup“:

  • June 11 – June 14: Just load 500 gems to experience the 5 day Angel Set (M4A1 Angel + Blunderbuss Auroth + Venus). When reaching 2000 participants: dial 10 Venus permanently, when reaching 5000 participants: dial 25 Venus permanently (does not accumulate with the 2000 person mark means a maximum of only 25 permanent Venuses)
  • June 15 – June 17: Promotion x2 for the first Zing recharge card, if the gunner tops up 200,000 VND or more (500,000 VND and 1 million VND), they will receive 200,000 VND promotion. The milestones below 200,000 VND will receive 100% such as deposit 100,000 VND to receive 100,000 VND promotion and deposit 50,000 VND to receive 50,000 VND promotion. Gem is expected to be awarded on Monday, June 18.

Open Boss Vanarus mode (June 11 – 17) and Glory gun farm event:

  • Play 3 matches of Vanarus: 2 pieces AK47-Glory
  • Play 5 Battles RPG: 2 Pieces Kukri-Glory

Event login to receive gifts:

  • June 11 – June 14: AK47 – Blue Pottery 2 days, DE Blue Pottery 2 days, Iron Hammer 2 days
  • Jun 15 – Jun 17: M4A1 – Peony 2 days, DE Peony 2 days, Kurki Peony 2 days
  • June 17: Barret Born Beast 12 hours

Accumulated spending:

  • 999 gem landmark: get Korean Spoon
  • 4999 gem landmark: get Barret Royal Dragon
  • Landmark 9999 gem: get Blunderbuss-Glaedr
  • 1999 gem landmark: receive Sonoko

CFL Lott:

CFL Lott 32K (June 11 – Jun 17) Deposit 200 gems to participate in a lucky draw (Draw and Award on Jun 18)​

  • First Prize: 32000 gems (1 prize)
  • Second Prize: 16000 gems (2 prizes)
  • Third Prize: 8000 gems (5 prizes)

CFL Lott 10K (June 17) Login on June 10 to participate in the lucky draw on June 18

  • First Prize: 10000 gems (1 prize)
  • Second prize: 5000 gems (2 prizes)
  • Third Prize: 2500 gems (5 prizes)

The CFL battlefield has too many exciting events happening in the near future, don’t forget to accompany the World Cup and participate in special events for you from NPH VNG!

Learn more about Crossfire Legends here:

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