The new game of the father of GTA that has not been released has been “killed” in this country

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Although the majority of fans are counting the days to the release time Red Dead Redemption 2 on PC, but Rockstar made them “distracted” by revealing information about other games. A Rockstar-branded game was suddenly revealed as “Bonaire” – and immediately, the game was forbidden in Australia.

According to the report of Kotaku, today, the Australian Classification Board IARC has issued a series of notices “refusing to categorize” many games, and prohibits trading in them. These games include Hotline Miami, Kingdom Come: Deliverance and We Happy Few – although these were previously banned in Australia.


Hidden in the list of games above is the unannounced title, Bonaire. Information about Bonaire is simply as follows: this is a branded video game Rockstar Games, and the game was rejected for classification in Australia. This ban was introduced although the publisher has not provided details about the game, so it is not possible to explain why the IARC service could come to the above conclusion.

The most likely explanation is that Bonaire is related to Red Dead Redemption 2, with the story set (spoiler alert here) on the Caribbean island of Guarma. Bonaire is also an island in the Caribbean, albeit located far to the south – near Tortuga and Venezuela, while Guarma belongs to a chain of smaller islands than the Dominican Republic.

Most likely, Bonaire will be in some kind of Red Dead Redemption 2 expansion – the single-player version, but more likely Red Dead Online. Again, the question is why the “unreleased” game was banned. The only Rockstar product that’s completely banned in Australia is Manhunt, so it’s unknown if Bonaire has “made a grudge” before it was officially announced.​

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