Overwatch mode has never been so good

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Capture-the-flag seems to be a familiar mode for shooting games, and Overwatch Of course, there are also similar maps to serve gamers. However, it seems that the designers of Blizzard did not pay much attention to this mode, so soon after it was released, it was “abandoned” by gamers. The biggest problem with “stealing the flag” in Overwatch is that some heroes with high mobility skills become too powerful and the gameplay is not very creative.


This week, in the “Year of the Dog” event series, Blizzard has tweaked this mode, and made it a lot better. The biggest change of which is the change of the rules of the game, as well as a special map created specifically for this mode. Everything becomes more balanced, and the gameplay also becomes a lot more attractive.

The new rules of the game are centered around how the flag works. Previously, heroes with high mobility like D.VA, Tracer or Winston took too much advantage in this mode, now they are limited to become more balanced. Specifically, as soon as these Heroes use their mobile skills, the flag will immediately drop, meaning the player can no longer use them, steal the flag, then run away and leave the enemy team dumbfounded. ignorant.


Also, while picking up the flag is still instantaneous, once the flag is dropped, the player needs to wait 5 seconds before being able to pick it up. If it’s a flag belonging to your team, then you need to spend another 4 seconds standing still on the flag to return it to your team’s base. Obviously, with these 2 changes, players can no longer use the very boring strategy of picking up flags and running. Battles around the flag will inevitably take place, and that will definitely add to the fun of the game mode.


The new map Ayutthaya builds on the idea of ​​the aforementioned battles centered around the flag, and allows players to create a multitude of strategies for that purpose. At first glance, the architecture of Ayutthaya is quite simple, with 2 bases divided from each other by a large open common courtyard. However, in reality, each of the aforementioned bases possesses complex underground areas like labyrinths, with countless corridors, passages or balconies. Therefore, every playstyle from stealth to full attack will have a useful place in this map. In addition, with a small ground area, the two teams will be forced to confront each other almost immediately, and the pace of the match will be pushed up very high from the first seconds.


Of course, nothing is perfect, and neither is Ayutthaya. However, its small flaws are insignificant and certainly won’t stop Overwatch fans from once again getting enthusiastic about the “capture the flag” mode.

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