Vien Chinh Mobile recreates the classic war game Chinh Do once

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Expeditionary Mobile is an role-playing game produced by Glacier Inc., although it is a role-playing genre, it can be seen that the game has the direction of the classic warring states games, and the appearance of prominent names in the game industry can be seen. Warring States like Chinh Do.


The game features advanced Unity 3D graphics, recreating an open space of the expedition mainland with 4K movie image quality, the scenes in the game are named with familiar names such as Luoyang citadel, Thanh Long citadel … all have a classic beauty but are not rigid but very poetic like a fairyland.


As a role-playing game, the career system is impossible not to mention, there are still classic career names such as Vo Quai, Thien Su, Devil Coc, besides the game still retains the unique features of PC games, But the skill is designed to be simpler, whether it’s a regular attack or a great skill, the moves are optimized for you to have a quick experience, without having to wait for the recovery of the skills, creating so satisfying combos. Players can also participate in activities such as team, guild, national or individual matches at a fixed time.


The game is currently open for testing on both iOS and Android platforms, if you are a lover of role-playing games but still have elements of national war game, then this is a perfect choice for you. You can register at the link below.

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