Conflict in the game, the girl was beaten by her ex-lover’s best friend on the “council”

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A few days ago, a large social networking site of young people posted a clip in which a young girl was brutally beaten by two other girls. The girl only knew how to hug her face and bow to suffer the fierce blows aimed at her face and weak parts of the body, making netizens unable to hide their frustration.


According to many people, the incident happened in My Dinh, Hanoi. It is worth noting that the guy in the gray shirt who appeared in the clip sitting and smiling calmly watching the incident happen was the victim’s ex-boyfriend. It was this person who took the initiative to ask the victim out to talk to two of his friends, and then just watched the whole incident and laughed.

After beating badly, the two girls continued to drag the victim into the alley to… beat again. In addition to the physical abuse of the victim, the two “female robbers” constantly used offensive words to the young girl who was silently taking the beating.​

This clip was posted on Facebook by one of the two girls hitting people with a warning: “Warning Hoan Bi vip audition Please. Next time you insult someone, know who you are. When I scratch the keys, I’m very confident.”

A few hours ago, the girl – the victim in the above clip (NTHH facebook account) personally posted a status of the whole incident. Accordingly, she said that the cause of this scuffle was due to friction between her and one of the two girls in the game Audition about a month ago.


The victim said: “The reason was that I asked for a slot for Fam to play, he disguised me as a virtual vip and kicked him out of the room, then argued, got into a fight and he asked me out but I didn’t accept it. Until today, when I was playing LoL, NKC (my ex-lover) knocked on my head and said “you come out, I tell you”, I also subjectively went out, I don’t think there are 3 waiting outside.”

The incident is still causing a lot of comments from netizens, especially the community playing this game. His ex-lover and his close friends had to receive countless “bricks and stones”. Conflicts and frictions in games are not uncommon, but just because of small conflicts in the virtual world that entice each other to fight “council”, using brutal violence like this is worth it. condemnation, alarming in the lifestyle of a large part of young people.​

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