Survivor Royale – Another PUBG Mobile game for 100 combat gamers

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Storm PUBG is sweeping the gaming world and Mobile is no exception. Right now a series of Battle Royale style games are occupying the world’s download stores with Bullet Strike, Free Fire, Knives Out nice Rules of Survival. Most of these games are released under the hands of NetEase with scale game mode and stunning graphics. But even with such powerful “vanguard armies”, NetEase still did not want to stop. Instead, this big guy continues to bomb another super product on both Android and iOS, for gamers to burn by the blazing fire of PUBG on Mobile.


Yes we are talking Survival Royale – The game after a while of fighting Android has been officially released on iOS. From now on, gamers, regardless of mobile device ownership, can download Survival Royale for free and experience it right now.


In fact, Survival Royale is the “makeover” version of Knives Out, known in the Chinese market as Terminator 1.. However, this upgraded version gives gamers a new interface and the Server system seems to be more stable, bringing a more quality experience to the community. Above all, the game image also seems to be tweaked in color, increasing the contrast to help players locate enemies more easily.


With the soul inside being that of Knives Out/Terminator 1, Survival Royale still gives gamers a large map where 100 players fight together. The only goal of the game is to find the last survivor and improve the skills of observation, movement as well as knowing how to take advantage of opportunities anytime and anywhere. Survival Royale also owns a fairly current 3D graphics background, giving players a vivid scene with very detailed models.

Without waiting long, readers can enjoy Survival Royale by downloading the game for free directly here:



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