Valve apologizes to Dota 2 players for sending jagged statues

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Baby Roshan is a “terrible” gift that gamers Dota 2 wish to receive from Valve, both in game and in real life. The Baby Roshan statue is also the reward for the Dota 2 Battle Pass that took place last year. Gamers expect the product to have an impressive appearance like silver-nickel plating and have to be a bit “heavy hand”. However, the truth is completely a cold water that no one expected.

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In fact, the statue looks like a plastic ball that has been sprayed with chrome paint, not only is it less sharp, but even the traces of the mold are not fully polished. Baby Roshan, once for sale for up to $3,000 in the game, has now become something like a cheap toy bought from the market, looking like an ugly puppy. Gamers even started making memes about the product.

Negligence on each product


A meme is coming soon

Before the negative reactions from gamers, Valve was forced to apologize, admitting that the product was “low quality. We apologize to the fans for what happened, the quality was much lower than expected.” Valve said it will remake the statue and immediately ship it to gamers who have reached level 2000 by the end of last year.

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