Pokemon GO – Legendary Pokemon Ho-Oh is officially back

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  1. An opportunity for gamers who have not been able to hunt Ho-Oh for a few weeks at the end of last year.

    From May 19 to June 7, Legendary Pokemon Ho-Oh will reappear in Raid Battles, gamers Pokemon GO can be randomly found in any Gym. In addition, two pokemon Latias and Latios also reappeared in this wave.


    Ho-Oh is a fire-type Pokemon with wings, shaped like a combination of a phoenix and a peacock. This pokemon is the legendary creature of the second generation pokemon system, the counterpart of Lugia. It was previously unknown what kind of pokemon Ho-Oh was evolved from, but according to a recent revelation, it also undergoes three evolutionary forms, with the first being Celebi.


    Since Ho-Oh appeared for about 2 weeks at the end of November last year, not many gamers had the opportunity to conquer it in this first wave. In addition to a second chance to catch legendary pokemon in 2 weeks, gamers are also informed about the Pokemon GO festival scheduled to take place in Chicago and Dortmund in the near future.


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