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Diablo 4 reveals dramatic trailer “8 vs 1” with World Boss

After a missed shot last year, finally in this year’s BlizzCon Blizzard also revealed to players the latest version of the Diablo series, not just a mobile version. Diablo 4 introduced to players through a beautiful trailer, even at BlizzCon there was a demo with 3 classes: Sorcerer, Druid and Barbarian.​


In the teaser trailer at BlizzCon, players meet Ashava of the game, Ashava is not a story boss but an open world boss – part of Diablo 4’s new open world setting. These open world bosses promise will bring a unique and challenging combat experience. The game allows up to 8 players to join in defeating the boss, of course the larger the number of players participating, the more difficult the difficulty will be.

Game Informer – the news site with early access to Diablo 4 recently brought a gameplay video, showing players the encounter between the World Boss and 8 other players. It seems that out of these 8 players, 3 are Game Informer employees and the rest are Blizzard employees. It can be seen that the boss has a large body, the viewing angle of the game is also stretched far to facilitate the player’s overall observation. Although the boss’s movements are quite slow, the damage is very high, the attack range is wide, as long as you don’t pay attention to the distance, the player is easy to die in the hands of this boss.​


Although only four minutes long, the videos show some co-op play between eight players in Diablo 4, and show Blizzard’s focus on discovering new content for the game. Diablo 4 will be released on PS4, Xbox One and PC platforms, but temporarily there is no specific release date.​

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