Sony CEO: ‘PS4 is at the end of its life’.. but..

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During the investor meeting for 2018 just held in Tokyo, CEO John Kodera of the Sony Interactive Entertainment said PS4 has reached the end of its life cycle, which is where sales can take a hit. However, recurring revenue is on the rise of PlayStation Plus should escape the decline in sales.


That doesn’t mean Sony stopped support for this device, but most of the machines of this series have been sold and it is predicted that only a small number of gamers will buy the device in the future. As a result, the corporation’s resources will be shifted from focusing on selling hardware to focusing on developing software and platforms. According to quotes from investors present at the meeting, Mr. Kodera confirmed that Sony will continue to develop games, including exclusive games and games as an investor. Sony’s tentative plans include new games and remakes, developing existing franchises.

The CEO also mentioned the topic of PlayStaytion VR sales. Accordingly, the PS VR line is still growing despite the overall low growth of the global VR industry.

Interestingly, Mr. Kodera foretold that “Sony will slow down a bit to develop further in the future”, applicable for the period from now to March 2021 (corresponding to the company’s medium-term plan). ). It’s unclear what this forecast actually means, but many are predicting it will be a down period when designing and releasing a new platform.

However, after this announcement, Mr. Kodera continued to share more in-depth about PS4. Accordingly, he said that the PS4 still has 3 years left in its life cycle. The “end” he said was simply the fact that Sony stopped focusing on PS4 production while investing more effort in game development.​

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