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1. Silent Hero


In the game, no matter how good or skilled you are, there are times when your performance goes down. At such times, being carried by a teammate who is in high form is a blessing that not every game has. Usually with the gamer carrying team they will be applauded and receive a lot of compliments, but not everyone is interested in the compliments that you will sometimes encounter. gamer type showed indifference with winged words but only focused on the game in a very calm, cold manner.

With such a personality type, these gamers will be cool in the eyes of their teammates with extremely brave actions. And no matter how cold they are, they are loved and honored in the match by both men and women.

2. The oldest brother of the team


A team game cannot avoid quarrels between members, if not resolved in time, no matter how many silent heroes there are, a total 3 vs 5 teamfight is always a good match. too hard to win. Therefore, in the team, there is always a need for an adult to mend the links together.

For these gamers, although they will not possess high skills or show a strong team load like the silent heroes, they are always a cheerleader when the team is having friction or discouragement. . Sometimes just words of gentle encouragement, you will feel much more spiritual. With a game that emphasizes teamwork like League of LegendsWhen a team has trust and cohesion, the fighting will become smoother and bring better results for the whole team.

3. People map control


A seemingly simple but very important job that players often overlook is eye plug and map control. This is the work of a team, but sometimes a server has aggressive fighting style and fights happen everywhere. support as well as other positions that are often caught up in constant fighting. But sometimes you’ll be lucky enough to find a good support jungler understand that and always quietly complete the map control work diligently.

Although they are not often honored as highly skilled gamers, they are essentially unsung heroes. Certainty, hard work and patience will always be appreciated by your teammates and without them, you will not be able to know the opponent’s position and organize a reasonable skirmish in the match.

4. The joker


League of Legends is still basically just one entertainment game so sometimes there will be regular matches so that friends can relax after stressful working and studying hours. In such fun matches, there is always a joker who makes the game more fun. For gamers who make jokes, they rarely have high skills, if they do, they will not choose forehand champions but instead are highly entertaining options to play. troll more opponents.

When you meet gamers like this, you always have to be mentally prepared to carry them throughout the game. However, the joker usually only appears when a group of friends gathers and often has blind eye-handling phases that make teammates laugh. It is also because of their innate sense of humor that these gamers are often loved regardless of the outcome of the match.

5. Gamers go to the forest always paying attention big goal


Big goals are very important things, but sometimes the experienced jungler will not care about that and ignore it easily. Because of the lack of junglers who like to control the target, teammates will appreciate it if there is such a player in the squad.

Certainly with a meta chaos like today, just make the pedestrians feel secure and focus on lane their, you have already scored a perfect score in their eyes.​

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