US veterans use games to help teammates with depression

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Not only is it an entertainment tool, the game has also been used in a number of other fields such as training soldiers or treating patients. Recently, COURRIER Japon page published an article with the content that a discharged soldier of the US army named Christopher Baum used the method game livestream to alleviate the illness of teammates who are suffering from depression own.​


Due to their intense missions and battlefield injuries, they suffer from severe PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder). Under a lot of pressure, the suicide rate of veterans in the US is increasing. According to Military Times, from 2005 to 2017, there were 79,000 discharged soldiers in the US.

Faced with this problem, Christopher Baum – an American veteran, decided to live stream game to help his old teammates, he set up a channel Youtube called Bayeont X-Ray and livestream 22 minutes in the morning. Through the livestream, he recounted the psychological wounds of the soldiers, the difficulty of re-integrating into normal society after being discharged from the army as well as the mental pressure that forced them to commit suicide. He wants to use this Youtube channel to keep in touch with his friends, making ordinary days less monotonous.​


In addition to the game livestream, Christopher also shared some methods to combat PTSD and depression, relaxation exercises that are good for psychological health, how to eat, breathe… Although not an expert, but a person. Having endured this pain, I hope I can help others.​

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