Watch Thanos rock GTA 5 with the “poison max” Mod

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Avengers Infinity War is still the most talked about topic in the entertainment industry with the focus of attention being the crazy Titan Thanos with the power to erase half of his universe. However, in the movies, the virtual world can’t help but “fever” with this great villain, the reason for gamers to bring Thanos in. GTA 5.


Yes, right now you can download Mod Thanos for GTA 5, control the great villain yourself Marvel with the ultimate powers of the Infinity Gauntlet. Made by famous Modder JulioNIB, this Mod will fully recreate the power that Thanos has in Avengers Infinity War. Not believe? You can see the clip below to see for yourself.


Thanos in GTA 5 can use a variety of different powers, such as turning all objects into water or “poison” rather than turning everything in front of him. At the same time, gamers also have the ability to summon a black hole that sucks everything in its radius… Also, if you want to behave more proactively, you can also call a meteor from the sky. straight down to the ground.
Readers who want to access this Mod can visit JulioNIB’s Patreon page directly here:​

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