Taking advantage of the bug, a series of Chinese gamers jumped in to receive free games

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As you know, in the past week Epic Games Store gave away three popular games for free in a row Watch Dogs 2, Football Manager 2020 and Stick it to the Man. All gamers need to do is access this game distribution platform and download the game. Recently, however, Epic Games The store has just announced on the official Weibo that it will recall all of them Watch Dogs 2 free that the Chinese gamers received.​


The cause of the problem was that Chinese gamers took advantage of a bug in the platform to get Watch Dogs 2 for free. While the game was never released in the China region, that means itself. Epic Games also does not have the right to give this game to gamers in the country of billions of people, players in this country are forced to stay out of the event to receive free Watch Dogs 2.

At the same time, Epic Games also apologized to the publisher for the trouble caused by the bug, the company will withdraw the game from the accounts of Chinese players. Accounts receiving games in other countries will not be affected by this. Regarding the issue of locking the China region, Epic Games Store said that it is only a 3rd party, cannot decide this, all matters related to the operation of a game are decided by the publisher.​


It seems that a part of gamers will be disappointed when they think they receive a free game and then have it revoked but have to accept it because it is clear that taking advantage of bugs is not the right and encouraged behavior.​

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