No Man’s Sky offers a huge reward if it discovers a super poisonous ship

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Expansion No Man’s Sky Next received by a large number of gamers, and at the same time attracted nearly 100,000 new subscribers or returned to play the game. However, the process of rebooting the entire galaxy also has certain consequences. Changes happen on planets, resources and specifications are inevitable, but surprisingly there are changes happening on the ships of some gamers.


The transformation doesn’t happen to everyone, but with each of these changes, the developer is willing to spend big (with in-game money) to replace an equivalent model for gamers.

Avalash – a Reddit nick made a difficult case. Accordingly, the developer is willing to spend 200 million units (or more accurately, items worth 200 million units – in-game money) to anyone who finds a ship that looks like an old ship before the update. .


Here are the specifics for the ship:

The ship’s belly is black/dark gray or an extremely dark blue.
The hull of the ship must be white, including the wings and white armor.
Must have yellow decals, no other color decals.
The coordinates on the system where the ship was found must be recorded, along with a photograph of the ship.
Designs are generally supposed to be similar, but not necessarily identical. More photos can be viewed here.
Hull Configuration: Patagon-S
Cockpit: Katuo-S
Wing Configuration: D-Flect
Tail: Whatever except Alula. Bonus 10 million units if it has RTX-IBIS or Rectrix
Booster Configuration: Any. Give extra 10 million units if you have Saber-05
Special storage configuration: No

If you find a similar ship while traveling, gamers need to take a photo, save the coordinates, and immediately contact avalash on Reddit. As a result, the developer will search the system. If the photo is accepted, the player is rewarded with 25 million units. Then, when the coordinates are reached and the ship is confirmed, the system will continue to transfer another 175 million units (through items of equal value, such as materials).

In addition, there is a bonus of 50 million units if the ship is found before the 12th of this month. There are quite a few gamers who have given clues, but so far avalash has not found the desired results.​

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