A young gamer with a broken heart watching his father run a car and destroy the game console

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The game is definitely an entertainment that is loved by young players, but it makes parents feel offensive, not everyone agrees to let their children play games, regardless of mobile, PC or console games. . If not handled skillfully, it will become the cause of conflicts between parents and their children.


Recently, TikTok user Bubba Jay shared a video about how a father teaches his gaming sons and it aroused mixed opinions. The video opens with a scene where the angry father goes to another room and pulls out his car Xbox One out and bring it to the yard, put it under the wheel. He then climbed into the car and drove over it Xboxto make sure everything was completely destroyed, he got in the car and inserted it into the console again despite the boys’ pleas.

Readers can watch the video HERE.

The cause of the incident is said to be the two boys refusing to clean their room, which angered the father and decided to crush the Xbox. What makes the online community most pressing is his way of speaking, this father does not hesitate to say obscene words to his two sons who look less than 13 and 14 years old. From the video, it can be seen that after the Xbox was crushed by a car, the boys burst into tears of pain.​


The online community is also divided into two different opinions, one side thinks that this type of discipline is completely appropriate for the children to be better, while some others think that this father is overdoing it. lack of maturity. Instead of destroying the console, he can temporarily confiscate it for his children to play or give it to someone else. And definitely swearing in the face like that is not the right way to educate. We also don’t know if this will make the kids more active in cleaning their rooms.​

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