Unpublished image of Shuri – Black Panther’s sister

The Marvel movie Balck Panther has become a box office phenomenon when up to now, the film has earned about $ 700 million in ticket sales worldwide, creating a huge explosion in early 2018. a lot of people go to the theater.

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With that explosion, the side information surrounding the movie also attracted the attention of a large part of the audience. In the film, the appearance of the black panther warrior sister is also loved by the public, this character in the comic version is a member of the Wakanda royal family and has the same strength as her brother T’ Challa, she is T’Challa’s half-sister and would later become the first female Black Panther to replace her brother when mortally wounded in an attack with Doctor Doom.


She is a genius in creating weapons and has been revealed by Marvel to be better than Tony Stark with self-designed technology items, this character will soon return in The Avengers: Infinity War. The shape of this character has been changed a lot when officially stepping on the big screen. Recently, Marvel has revealed the previous designs of this character, making the audience extremely excited


Playing the role of Shuri is a potential young actress Letitia Wright, before being known to a large audience in this new blockbuster, she only played small roles in British television series, in 2017 Letitia attracted attention. noticed when appearing in the Black Mirror series 4, and her name really broke out after Black Panther.


Now, let’s see some more pictures of this character’s previous design, you can see the previous designs for the character Shuri to be a girl with short hair or long hair tied up very personality, costumes. Black color exudes the strength of a Wakanda princess.



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