The creator of Plants vs Zombies was fired by EA because he refused to.

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In the past few days, the world community is in an uproar because of the events surrounding the game FPS Star Wars: Battlefront II and the Pay to Win system is installed in the game. There by spending real money, gamers can own items that enhance the character’s abilities.. help them gain an advantage when participating in combat with the enemy. This is unacceptable with a product like Star Wars: Battlefront II.. because it’s clearly not a free MMORPG with a gamer’s blood sucking mechanism. It is a finished product with a one-time, one-title pay model shooting game Great product with a price tag of 60 USD. Does anyone want to have to spend such a large amount of money and now have to spend more money on the game or even be defeated by those who pour more money? Of course not.


Because of this incident, the gaming community has raised a wave of fierce protests in the past days, forcing EA to temporarily remove the real money exchange system in the game. The matter was pushed further when Disney and LucasFilm – the two names representing the global Star Wars franchise, had to contact EA directly and expressed concern about the Pay to Win model that could tarnish the image. “Star Wars” photos in general.

But EA’s greed has not only affected Star Wars, but also seems to spread to other names that are loved by gamers. Yes we are talking Plants vs Zombies – series of games with a large fan community around the world. It all started with a YouTube broadcast featuring the famous developer Edmund McMillen – the father of two hit games, Super Meat Boy and The Binding of Isaac. In this talk, Edmund revealed the story surrounding the death of Plants vs Zombies creator George Fan.

George Fan- Father of Plants vs Zombies.

Through this story we can see EA not only now.. but this game company became notorious for its excessive greed many years ago. But only today when the scandal surrounding Battlefront II broke out… did people get a chance to expose it all. You can watch the full broadcast here:

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