Outstanding features of motorcycles in the survival game Knives Out

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1 Beautiful appearance, fast speed and flexibility.


This two-wheeled motorcycle, besides its beautiful appearance, is quite cool and suits the tastes of players, its features also need to be mentioned. Vehicles can carry up to two people, with a speed of about 105 km / h, with this speed can be seen to be currently at the top of the list of vehicles. In addition to fast speed, the manipulation and control of the car is also flexible and easy. Whether you want to go fast or go at a normal speed, the vehicle’s stability will satisfy even the most demanding player. From this advantage, when the player encounters an enemy, he can also flexibly dodge bullets and quickly run out of sight of the enemy to find opportunities to counterattack.

2. Small size, superior to 4-wheel vehicles


Compared to 4-wheel vehicles, motorcycles are somewhat superior whether at speed or braking sharply. Depending on the actual shape to control the car to stop or move. Also thanks to its compact size, players can hide them in different environments such as behind a tree, in grasslands and hard to find enemies.

3. High stability


In terms of stability, when driving uphill with large capacity, the speed of movement is fast, you can easily move on any terrain. However, it will still shake but not affect the movement and you can completely control it. When going downhill, the car will rush very quickly, but with a well-designed brake system, players do not need to worry too much about going downhill if they go downhill.

4. Acceptable bullet resistance

In terms of durability, the car can withstand about 20 bullets you shoot from the AK-47, however, compared to a three-wheeler or a 4-wheeler, in the battlefield with all kinds of guns, the durability or the ability to withstand bullets is somewhat lost. However, overall, with the above advantages, it is acceptable, because nothing is perfect.

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