Poor net shop owner was “eaten” by mice 8 sets of gear in just one night

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Rats are always an obsession for many people, because they can bite almost anything they encounter. Rats also attack network wires, furniture, machines, components, etc., affecting human use. Needless to say, this is also a huge fear for households net business how.

Recently, one net shop owner in Vinh Phuc had to complain when in just one night, all 8 sets of gear including mouse buttons and headphones of the restaurant fell into a state of “full body paralysis” due to being bitten by a mouse. When the shop owner checked the camera again, he discovered that these vandals had appeared in the middle of the night without anyone showing up.


It is worth mentioning that in these cases, even if you know the exact culprit, there is nothing you can do to reclaim the lost property, except to find a way to completely destroy it to avoid repeating the next time. . So it goes without saying how much the owner of the restaurant above our number must be sorry.

The perpetrator of the vandalism is circled by the shop owner in the video recorded by the camera

This is also a lesson for net business people in particular as well as households in general about keeping hygiene to protect their assets. Leftovers, spills, fresh water, etc., are the most attractive things that attract mice to gnaw.

Rats not only destroy furniture but also especially affect human health, even human life. Therefore, we can refer to some simple but effective ways to kill rats below to protect yourself and your property.

Cat raising

You can keep cats in the house to let them catch mice, in addition, the presence of cats will automatically keep mice away, raising cats is a simple and effective natural way to kill mice.

Use foods that mice are afraid of

Cinnamon, vinegar, garlic, mint, etc. are all odors that mice are afraid of, you can use these odors to keep mice away from your house, keeping your house clean.

Use traps or rat baits

You can use traps or rat baits to effectively kill rats, but should be used correctly and carefully to ensure the safety of everyone, especially children.

You should also clean the house clean, clear the bushes near the house, cover the drain carefully so that mice have no place to hide. Using a trash can with a lid, remove leftovers and store food carefully to eliminate the rat’s food source.​

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