Gamers “customize” Final Fantasy 15 into a game of 5 superheroes

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For fans of the JRPG series, Final Fantasy 15 is one of the new steps forward with a gameplay style never seen before. It also made its mark as the most elaborate and large-scale Final Fantasy under the hood Square Enix. However, there is another factor that makes Final Fantasy 15 completely different from previous versions. Yes, that’s directly on the PC with the ability to support Mods.


right away Final Fantasy 15 transformed into super weird games, even encroaching on genres that fans could never think of. And now one of the latest “works” of gamers has just transformed Prince Noctis and his companions into… 5 Superman Brothers.


Exactly, all the main characters of Final Fantasy 15 will be wearing the legendary costumes of Red, Blue, Black. possesses unique powers and weapons… just like in the movies that have made countless generations fall in love.


If you have been and are experiencing Final Fantasy 15 while wanting to feel something new. Readers can see the instructions and download this free Mod 5 Superman Brothers right here:

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