Unexpected success, Among Us can attack the console

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Released in 2018 but not until now Among Us recently attracted the attention of gamers and achieved unexpected success. The number of players increased rapidly, family members mentioned Among Us. Currently, the game is only available on Mobile and PC, but Forest Willard – developer and co-founder of InnerSloth said that they are intending to bring Among Us to console platforms if they handle a few features in the game properly. .


For those who are interested in playing games on consoles, this is clearly desirable news. According to Forest Willard, the main reason that Among Us cannot be released on consoles at the moment is the dialogue system between players. InnerSloth was forced to create a new communication system for consoles as well as create a friend list system, but it is not known if the company can do it.

In fact, the reason Willard gives is completely understandable. Among Us does not have its own conversation system, players can only chat to exchange with each other. On PCs and mobile devices, chatting is much more convenient than on consoles. However, text chat in Emergency Meeting is very tedious, so not many players use that way. Instead, groups often use Discord’s voice chat to discuss who the impostor is. When the discussion is over, the player usually mutes himself until the next discussion is needed or the game is over.


Coordinating all of these features on consoles will be much more complicated than on PC or Mobile, where players can open Discord and Among Us simultaneously. When it comes to Among Us 2, InnerSloth’s goal is to perfect the features to be able to bring the game to console platforms. However, Among Us 2 is a long-term plan and we will definitely have to wait a long time.​

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