H1Z1 renamed to Z1 Battle Royale with new game development team

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Recently, Daybreak Games announced on the Steam page of H1Z1 that this game will be renamed Z1 Battle Royale and the game development team has been reorganized from the ground up, the next game update will be replaced by this new game development team. Game developers hope that they can bring Z1 Battle Royale back into the most competitive cult Battle Royale game on the world market.


Daybreak said the new game development team will actively listen to suggestions from the gaming community to improve game upgrades as well as introduce new games. play tricks new. The game’s 1.0 update made some adjustments to the weapon properties and proper mechanics, now the player’s waiting time has been reduced from 8 minutes to 135 seconds, the number of people just needing to pass. More than 2 people can start the fight. The world in the game will be adjusted based on the number of players, such as reducing the number of airdrops.


It can be seen that the number of players in H1Z1 has decreased a lot so these are much-needed changes. In 2017, H1Z1 was once on the list of “sold out” games on Steam’s weekly chart, but after only a year and a half, the number of players has dropped suddenly up to 90%. Currently, the number of basic online players is still at a few thousand people, but for a Battle Royale game, that number is still too small, so this game needs to be adjusted to help gamers. Gamers can more easily find each other.

H1Z1 was released as a title free games on Steam earlier this year but many gamers expressed their dissatisfaction with the activities in the game. The overall rating of the game is currently “one compliment and one criticism” with a high rating of 55%, but recently, the rating has been lower, the high rating is only 36%.​

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