90-year-old gamer succeeds as a Youtuber, becoming a silver button owner

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Japanese grandmother Hamako Mori became famous in the gaming community because of her passionate love for games when she turned 90. She even set up a Youtube channel to share this hobby. her work with others, she was also recognized by the Guinness World Records as Youtuber About the oldest game in the world.

It seems that the job of being a Youtuber, which is only because of this hobby, also brought her certain successes. Last night (September 21), while livestreaming Ghost of Tsushima, Mrs. Mori showed her fans the silver YouTube button she had just received. The silver button is a souvenir that Youtube gives to Youtubers who have over 100,000 subscribers, but Ms. Mori’s Gamer Grandma channel now has 440,000 subscribers, it seems that this souvenir has reached her later than expected.​


However, that did not affect the joy of receiving this souvenir from Mrs. Mori. This is a meaningful gift as it is also an affirmation of Mrs. Mori’s efforts in recent years. Mori’s Youtube channel has increased by more than 200,000 subscribers in the past 4 months, if this momentum continues, soon she will reach 1 million subs and become the owner of the Youtube golden button.


It is known that despite her age, instead of gentle relaxing games, Ms. Hamako Mori loves titles shooting gameact like Battlefield 4, GTA 5, Dark Souls 3, Call of Duty: Modern WarfareDays Gone… From the game she is playing, Ghost of Tsushima, we can somewhat guess the favorite game genre of this elderly YouTuber.​

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