Tru Tien 3D – The female gamer who specializes in walking 5 times “the boat” still can’t find her soul mate

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Anyone has the right to pursue their own happiness, even if it is only in a frivolous virtual world with hundreds, thousands of strangers from all over the world flocking to the same server. For gamers of Tru Tien 3D Also, if in the game when you meet a good predestined relationship, you can use the function of marrying characters of the opposite sex, establishing a husband and wife relationship. Because of that, this can be said as a premise for couples to go further with a perfect wedding in real life.

Recently, a girl Tru Tien 3D gamer – Giang Do from server 20 posted on a forum about his concerns: “Marriage ingame – Is it important or not?” together with their confided about their happy happiness when going through up to “5 husbands”, but none of them is the real common cause that attracts the attention of many people.


“I told you guys about my ingame marriage on server 20 (server 4 was all married to my sister, so it didn’t get serious.

First husband: [QM] Wolf – married because of boredom, divorced because his real-life lover was jealous, so he took the initiative to divorce. Also advised him to “Make your lover feel safe”.

2nd husband: HT_Ks.Boss – Same race, reason for getting married “Mabu, you marry me, I’m tired of looking for a husband”. This is the person who only goes to the boss, who I really have feelings for. Divorced because of a fight, he quit the game.

The third husband: -KhuynhThe- – As the second husband, after taking a break from the game for 3 weeks, he came back and asked the reason for calling “Miss you”. I can’t bear to get married again. Then again quarrel, then divorce, this time for real.

4th husband: – I posted a husband recruitment post for acc ingame because looking at my partner “No” was boring. Then his family had a problem, not sure if he could play or not, I still went to work for him, the reason for the divorce – because he thought he quit the game.

5th husband: -Bon_Bon- – Marry because it suits you, boss”.


Not only is she married to receive items, to have someone to go with the boss, but she also has real love for ingame husbands at each stage. However, it seems that her love life is a bit rough when all 4 previous loves are broken in the middle of the road, and the 5th person does not know where to go when the reason for getting married is just “because it suits you”. boss”.

In the opinion of many people, marrying many people is not in accordance with the dignity of a girl, even in the game. But for this female gamer, the point of view is the complete opposite: “If it’s fun to pair up, I’ll just get married”, as long as it’s not “hearing”, cheating or taking advantage of each other. Her opinion is supported by many people

Portrait of a fateful girl in real life

It can be seen that Tru Tien 3D is really an interesting playground. And with the marriage feature, players not only have more opportunities to find themselves the first half of the right mind and beyond, a common heart in real life, but even have many unforgettable memories. Whether the end result is what you want or not, just give your sincere love and appreciate what you have!

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