Crash Club – Addicted to model cars? Love shooting games? This is the game for you

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Do you remember when we were young and dreaming we were bought by our parents for tiny cars labeled “Made in China”? Although they are only produced through speakers of poor quality, they are the first memories of our generation with toy models. No wonder the writer himself as well as his colleagues until now still hunt for small models to display and remember the carefree days of the past..


However, the models that can be held in the hand are not the only thing for people to review childhood memories, but also the games on Mobile. With a unique style, these games let people relive the chase and shoot each other between car models that only exist in the imagination of children. And Crash Club – The game has just hit the sound under my hand Prettygreatis one of those games.


In Crash Club, gamers will be able to control colorful car models based on real-life prototypes, free to roam in an extremely large world. But please don’t equate Crash Club with titles racing game of the same kind because here you will be immersed in the most crazy shooting and rampage scenes in Mobile.

Crash Club game trailer.


Gamers will start with choosing for themselves a random vehicle, whether it’s bunker Mustangs, sloppy vans or an entire monster… garbage truck ready to crush everything. But not only the simple driving mechanism, each pet car is also equipped with a weapon system ready to blow up all opponents in the game screen. From revolvers, rockets, stun guns to using your whole body as a weapon.. you are free to attack in any way you want, as long as you defeat the enemy. And also remember this is a title network game so your enemies will be real life players full of malice.


Indeed with the first images Crash Club brings unexpected fun and excitement, promising to bring a new title shooting racing game Top online on Mobile. You can download Crash Club for free right now:

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