PUBG – Standing in the middle of the field, Chinese hacker used to rummage the whole Team in the Shelter basement

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PUBG and Hacker problem is the most headache topic of developers as well as the gaming community these days. Indeed, players have never felt so angry and angry since the game was officially launched. Not only that, but recently gamers have carried out an unprecedented protest campaign on many forums and social networking sites to put pressure on players. Bluehole in conducting the China regional lockdown. This is because the father of PUBG, Brendan Greene, has confirmed that 99% of the accounts using Hack are from this country of 1.4 billion people.

In fact, when the game is hot, there is always a Hack, which is an immutable theorem of the game village. However, with the crazy heat of PUBG, this situation is becoming more and more serious when Hack users are becoming more blatant and abusive.


Recorded just yesterday, January 16, 2018, the writer first stepped into a match where up to 3 Hackers (or even more) appeared together. The story begins when Team decides to jump down to Shelter – the underground tunnel area on the Erangel map. For those who already know, when you come down here, you won’t have to worry about being “trimmed” from a distant location, but just focus on a close-range target. Therefore, if you pick up the weapon early in your hand, you have a pretty good chance of surviving when confronting the enemy Team.

However, as soon as the writer picked up the M4A1 in his hand and felt somewhat secure, suddenly the health bar dropped a notch. But the strange thing is that there was no gunfire, footsteps or any other sound around. The health bar keeps dropping, dropping.. as if you’re being stabbed in the back by an invisible man holding a knife.


In a narrow space like Shelter, even a silencer gun can still be heard easily, so to shoot with such complete “silence”, it can only be a crossbow.. But strangely, the character is not at all. there’s an arrow stuck in it, making things even more confusing. And just like that.. the whole Team under Shelter lost blood gradually and then received a bitter death with a slurred message appearing: “You were killed by ABC with P1911“Yes, killed with a pistol no more.


When looking back at Deathcam, then the whole Team understood that they had just been killed by … a Hacker standing in the middle of an empty field, holding a pistol straight up to the sky and shooting the whole Team in the underground tunnel. Not long after that, this same Hacker was also blown off by another Hacker who was in a nearby warehouse. Looking at the screen bored, then all the writer could say was.. “Okay, fine..”.

The Deathcam segment records the blatant actions of the Chinese Hacker.

Indeed witnessing that scene, it is easy to understand why the number of gamers who want to lock the China region is so large. If the developer does not take reasonable measures to solve the Hack problem while still not locking this area, then PUBG will gradually lose their own fans.

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