Van Kiem officially launched at 10:00 am this morning – March 16

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Come in Wan Sword, that primitive feeling is a profound reminiscent of martial arts images, from ancient times. This is the first attraction that players give to this webgame. From colors, sounds to the sequence of tasks, all clearly show the martial arts that makes gamers passionate about discovery. In addition, the diverse gameplay, requiring players’ skills also partly stimulates the exploration and conquest of gamers. It is known that during the trial period, the webgame Van Kiem has really let players “return to the martial arts place” with many emotions.

Van Kiem fully embodies martial arts

Also during the testing period, the game operated smoothly, smoothly, without unexpected technical problems, players were smooth and satisfied in the experience. Interactive activities between NPH and gamers also take place continuously on fanpage as well as in groups. The majority of gamers are satisfied with the way Van Kiem Board of Directors operates and manages the fanpage.

Enter Van Kiem to discover the world of martial arts

On the occasion of the official opening at 10:00 on March 16, the webgame Van Kiem will give the community of gamers a VIP code containing many useful items for newbies. At the same time, there are activities and playgrounds organized by fanpage to attract interaction and sharing about the game. The game is equally exciting with gift activities and incentives on the occasion of the game’s launch.

Van Kiem received a lot of favor from the community during the testing period

It is predicted that in the last days of this March, Van Kiem will become the name that many gamers refer to when it comes to the world of classic sword-martial arts on the web platform.

The martial arts story revolves around 3 classes of characters Cai Bang, Duong Mon and Wudang
These are the first character classes to appear in the martial arts world. Cai Bang – the world’s most famous state, famous for martial arts from the very beginning; Duong Mon – the first martial arts class famous in the world with amazing strength; Wudang – the first sect of the Trung Nguyen sect, is a famous gangster who acts in the four directions.

3 sects of Wan Sword

All three of these sects opened their doors from the beginning of martial arts and established their reputation for thousands of generations. With unique skills and experience in martial arts training as well as battlefield experience, the competition between these three sects has made martial arts many waves. The heroic contests of Long Uyen – No Ho continuously take place, Van Kiem is like a big battlefield in which the martial arts, Duong Mon and Cai Bang sects are heroic. Van Kiem’s ​​debut is the re-establishment of the playground of the masters of martial arts, the descendants of these three sects.

Heroic battles in Van Kiem

The game platform focuses on pure role-playing gameplay, the familiar series of martial arts missions, and a diverse system of features and activities in the game help Van Kiem easily win the hearts of players. In addition, the character training in the direction of specific cultivation of each sect that enhances player skills also helps Van Kiem score more plus points in the heart of the community.

Some pictures of the game during the test period

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