Top favorite games in China week 2/7

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first. Battle Of Phoenicia


As an RPG card game with Japanese anime style, the game has a rich storyline, giving players extremely interesting journeys of discovery, dramatic matches for players to feel boiling blood, besides It’s a diverse career system for you to choose from. The game currently entered the closed beta process on the Android platform on July 9.

2. Arcadia Chronicle


As a card game possessing a rich variety of gameplay that gives players interesting experiences, besides the characters are designed in a beautiful anime style, and many attractive missions are waiting for players. come discover. The game is currently in closed beta on the Android platform.

3. Hearts Recollection


It seems that this week, Anime-style games are very popular with gamers as this continues to be such a game. As a 3D ARPG game, participating in the game players will experience refreshing battles, besides the game also has a puzzle nature, requiring players to explore unsolved secrets. The game is currently in closed beta on Android.​

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