Pros and cons of new weapons in this April’s Knives Out update

M88Ctt1 - Emergenceingame

Knives out Since its launch, there have been many updates conducted to give players the best experience, in the next update in addition to new maps and some other features, then a melee weapon new will be added, And the name we are talking about is M88C. Besides, the 50vs50 arena will soon be included, bringing more dramatic matches than ever.


Now, Emergenceingame.Com will introduce you to some of the pros and cons of this latest weapon. This M88C is introduced to deal great damage per bullet and will definitely be your first choice when looting in buildings or picking up outside.


M88C because of its special design, so using it must also have special techniques. When you pick up this weapon, it can be loaded and fired first, when fired, it will automatically reload. The amount of ammunition of this gun can fire 3 consecutive rounds, bringing high efficiency when fighting. The M88C is considered superior to the classic M860, in terms of damage, the M88C is also much better than the M860, and the range of the bullet is also longer, but the recoil is much smaller than the M860.


Overall, the M88C will be a very good combat weapon in close combat, this will surely satisfy many players thanks to its damage and other advantages, let’s wait until this April to get hands on the gun. this gun. All news about the game will be updated by Emergenceingame.Com as quickly as possible.​

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