The “heartbreaking” rumors about GTA 6 that gamers earnestly wish it would come true

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A lot of rumors about GTA 6 appeared throughout the years, but Rockstar remained adamant about keeping all of its plans a secret. No one knows what will happen, all we can do now is wait and hope these cool leaks come true soon.

Back to Vice City


GTA: Vice City was released in 2002 and has received a lot of love from players. However, 18 years have passed since the day gamers set foot in this place, not once has it returned. Previously, Reddit account CurryLav had posted an article revealing some information about GTA 6 and confirmed that Vice City will be one of the main contexts of the next sequel. This post has since been deleted by an administrator. There’s no way to know exactly if the leak is accurate, but returning to Vice City once again is something that many players have been waiting for.

Map scale


Another notable rumor is the map scale. There have been rumors that Rockstar Games is working on a new map called “Project America”. Instead of just a single city, the company will try to create a map of the entire United States with locations that are uniquely linked. In addition to Vice City (Miami), Carcer City (based on the city of Boston) will also be the main location of the game. With Xbox One Series X and PS5 coming, the power of this new generation of consoles fully allows Rockstar to do something so ambitious. “The bigger the better” is what fans are saying about GTA 6.

New setting: South America


In the history of the series, the player has only traveled from city to city without ever making intercontinental trips. Maybe GTA 6 will bring this interesting experience. We mentioned Vice City and Carcer City above but that’s not all. According to rumors, some countries in South America such as Bogota or Colombia will also participate in GTA 6. Given the history of drug smuggling between South America and Miami, drug trading is likely to be the main activity in the game. missons. Of course, not all cities will appear at launch, maybe they will be added gradually to DLC or a series of missions in the GTA 6 campaign.

Release date


Rumors are ultimately what fans care most about: the release date. In fact, not a single bit of information about GTA 6 has been revealed by Rockstar Games. Many launch dates are expected to be rumored by people, but according to the latest leak from 4Chan, the game will be announced right in this March, exactly March 25. It was previously rumored that Sony would also launch PS5 this month, and with GTA 6 supposedly going to be a PlayStation exclusive, revealing the game alongside the new generation of consoles is a step in the right direction. However, in the context of many events being delayed by the impact of Covid-19, we cannot say anything in advance. After all, March 25th may come with news that either explodes the gaming world or not at all. Now the only thing we can do is wait.​

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