Actively “battle” with Steam, Tencent will bring the Wegame platform to the world

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According to a Hong Kong newspaper, the giant of China’s game industry Tencent will officially open the international version of Wegame – a platform that allows players download games of China in Hong Kong, this version helps global players to access and download all Chinese games without having to change addresses or mess around like before, and with this international version Mr. Tencent also has ambitions to compete with the Steam platform, bringing Chinese games to more people.


According to analysis by foreign media, this is a new move for this developer because Hong Kong was not previously under the strict control of the Chinese government, with this version Tencent will have the opportunity to bring many games. to global players. The Wegame platform currently has more than 200 titles from foreign countries and China, of which Tencent has mostly bought the rights of major game studios such as Blizzard, Riot Games, Ubisoft and Epics Game.


After Valve announced a partnership with Perfect World on running the Steam China platform, created specifically for game developers and players in the country of billions of people, Tencent really didn’t fit in when it announced that it would compete. with this platform domestically and internationally.


However, it is not clear when these two platforms will be launched, the question of how these two platforms will compete in China is still open.​

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