Mainland Fengzhi – Japanese style RPG is extremely hot in China

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In recent days, gamers are focusing their attention on a title role-playing game new, different from the role-playing games of the first half, martial arts … this is an role-playing product that combines traditional elements but mixes a lot of new things. So what makes this game so attractive to so many players?


The game’s graphics are built on advanced 3D graphics, but the characters and scenes in the game are no longer Chinese antiques like many games currently on the market, but have a very Japanese manga style. spectacular. The game is set in the very poetic Wind kingdom, although it does not follow the ancient style, it can be seen Mainland Fengzhi Van is very charming.


Joining the game, the player will choose one of 4 professions, then you will create a shape for your character, a plus point for Phong Chi Mainland is that the characters will be edited by you at will, such as hair color, eye color. , skin tone, even voice, this is a rare thing the game builds because most of the characters are pre-designed, for players who like to break their own way, this must be a huge plus.


The gameplay of the game is quite similar to Ragnarok Online when it revolves around doing mainline and sideline missions, then when reaching a specific level the player will have access to activities such as BOSS battle, Guild battle .. promises top PK matches with teammates. Besides, there are many other traditional features of an RPG waiting for you to experience.


Currently the game is available on the Android platform, Emergenceingame.Com will update the information as well as the download link of this game in the near future.​

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