Top Bloodiest Zombie Game on Mobile that you can’t ignore

Creatures that once carried human souls have now become monsters that are hungry for blood and flesh, leaving many gamers dead and tired. The image of a single body dying in front of a herd of zombies really makes gamers both scared and excited to the point of madness. Realizing that there are still so many Zombie fans out there, Emergenceingame.Com would like to sum up 10 Zombie Game The most terrible on Mobile that you cannot ignore.

Last Day on Earth: Survival

Yes, this is the hottest post-apocalyptic-themed survival game today. Dive into survivability in a deadly world where everything is ready to take your life, Last Day on Earth: Survival becomes the death door to challenge every player.” class=”lazy bbCodeImage LbImage” alt='[​IMG]’/>

Gamers will start with almost no body cloth, but soon when searching and picking up nearby you will have the essentials to start the game. There with a few branches, logs or stones, you can “craft” yourself a rudimentary ax that allows you to cut down a large tree trunk to build a house. From your small house you can make more furniture, stoves or desks and further expand your small empire. But when you step out of that empire, you will have to face many different dangers, from both deformed Zombie strains and other survivors.

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Kill Shot Virus

Kills Shot Virus can be considered as one of the games with the most beautiful graphics today, for gamers to enjoy 3D frames that are no less than PC. Bright frames with great 3D effects, Zombie models showing up to every fiber, eyes with opaque eyeballs with a sloppy stopper, rushing toward the target… everything comes to life in the palm of your hand.


The gameplay mechanism of Kill Shot Virus revolves around the phase holding position and defeating the herd of zombies rushing towards you. Controlling the center of the gun on the left and firing on the right of the screen, Kill Shot Virus allows players to feel the high-pressure action without having to worry about moving. Not only that, to close the crazy bullet and blood baths, Kill Shot Virus also lets you enjoy slow-motion scenes like The Matrix, witnessing with your own eyes your last bullet stuck in the bodies of hungry animals. thirsty.

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Dead Plague: Zombie Outbreak

While the above candidate took the style FPS As the background, Dead Plague takes the Alien Shooter style with a view from above as the background. There, the player will control the main character to move freely in the map and blow away the skull of any Zombie that comes close with all different weapons.


However, Dead Plague: Zombie Outbreak not only has a massive arsenal of weapons waiting for you to unlock and handle the herd of zombies in countless different ways. There, players can develop their combat power through a variety of skills, along with auxiliary items such as mines, grenades or even the Andrenaline fairy “stretching” countless times.

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Dead Effect 2

Although it has been released for a long time, Dead Effect 2 is still one of the Zombie Games with impressive graphics and quality gameplay at the present time. Along with the top FPS gameplay, the game also has a diverse weapon system from pistols, shotguns, rifles and many other special forms, gamers will also be able to put their hands on different super powers, cheats. back a whole arsenal of weapons ready to deal with any alien species in front of them. There, gamers with these strengths can activate the shield within a certain range or even freeze time to give themselves the ability to aim accurately or easily act when overwhelmed.


A special feature of Dead Effect 2 is also borrowed from the role-playing genre, where gamers can choose the Class category, develop Skills and even equip and upgrade to improve their own stats. The developer says that Dead Effect 2 will feature more than 100 implants and armor, as well as 40 upgradeable weapons, ensuring a long-lasting content that rolls from beginning to end.

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Zombie Gunship Survival

Unlike all the games you see above, Zombie Gunship Survival does not let you play the role of soldiers standing on the ground and directly facing zombies. Instead, you are in control of a terrorist military aircraft with insane air-to-ground firepower. From rotating machine guns, cannons to rockets, you have enough power in your hand to sweep everything. The feeling of shooting down the heads of the aliens while supporting your teammates in the retreat is truly amazing. Unique gameplay feeling in Zombie Games.


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