Black Rose Suspects – Mobile RPG that’s as cool as an Anime movie

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First picture of Black Rose Suspects but the writer’s impression is the very professional opening film, allowing viewers to enjoy the same angles and character expressions as the top movies out there. The story of the game begins with a police inspector coming to the Pergola hotel to find clues to the case, but while following a suspicious woman, he suddenly sees her transformed into a foreign object. half human half bug.

Surprised by the terrifying scene, the police inspector was lucky to escape death when two strangers appeared and helped defeat the monster. Unwittingly caught up in the war between a secret organization and monstrous monsters from another dimension, the young detective begins his journey to unravel the crazy stories of a world he has never known. ever known


With a very elaborate opening scene and sequence, Black Rose Suspects brings gamers to an extremely personal gameplay. There, gamers will get acquainted with the turn-based role-playing system with the ability to command 3 different members with each person carrying a unique combat style. It can be Tanker on the front line with a terrorist sword, Gunner behind with a fatal shot or Support ready to support when it is urgent… all for you to form a crazy party – strong defense to confront the enemy. creepy creatures in the game.


But it is worth mentioning that the game borrows more or less the Active Time Battle mechanism of the Final Fantasy series, when each member’s strength bar will fill up over time and allow gamers to activate terrorist skills to suppress the enemy. . Besides, players can completely connect into a combo that is many times more powerful, ready to lick the blood bars of even the most formidable super bosses.


Graphic overlay of Black Rose Suspects Although not filled with effects like Korean super products, it is guaranteed to give you a strong feeling about an Anime movie. Even in the dialogue scene with 2D drawings, the game’s characters still have very soulful expressions and movements.. thereby giving the game plot more vitality.


Black Rose Suspects Currently only released in Japan with the Japanese version. Fortunately, Emergenceingame.Com has access to an alternative game download address, allowing readers to download it for free directly here:​

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