Terminator 2: Take a look at the guns that make you crave

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As many players know in Terminator 2, at the beginning of the game you will have no weapons or costumes, but have to search and collect by yourself. Once involved in the battle, the player will enter the houses to search for weapons and costumes, or can also receive directly from the airdrop. So in Terminator 2, what are the advantages and disadvantages of weapons received from airdrops? The guns include: M14EBR Rifle, M29 Machine Gun, AWM Sniper Rifle, Barett sniper rifle and random weapons and corresponding ammunition.



This is a special gun, loaded with 30 bullets, loaded with 40 rounds at the most. It can be seen that the gun is equipped with 3 other holes for attaching accessories. Excess ammo will carry the player. Pros: Has the highest stability of all rifles. Cons: only appear in boxes, very difficult to obtain.



This is a special rifle, loaded with 100 bullets, scope accessories, the amount of ammunition will be fixed, the remaining bullets the player will carry. Advantages: Shoots 100 bullets in a row, fast speed. Cons: low accuracy, short bullets. For long-time players, it still takes some time to adapt after receiving, for new players, it takes more time. Can be equipped with sniper scopes, with long-range accuracy not high.



As a long-range gun with high damage, each load 5 rounds, equipped with 4 additional holes for attaching accessories such as scopes, muzzles, magazines, gun stock. Advantages: Very strong firepower. Cons: Very difficult to get when items are dropped on the ground, effective sniping is not high

The above is a summary of all the advantages and disadvantages of the guns that the player will obtain from the parachute aircraft, players should rely on their own actual circumstances to choose the best gun when participating in the game. join the battle

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