The father of League of Legends was accused of having a “toxic” working environment beyond imagination

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“Toxic” is an adjective used to refer to bad behavior and is even classified as a child in the gaming community. But recently it was also attributed to a popular developer, the team behind the title MOBA game Current famous: League of LegendsLeague of Legends. Accordingly, in the months-long investigative article of Kotaku’s Cecilia D’Anastasio, two former Riot employees revealed many behind-the-scenes secrets of this developer.


Accordingly, two developers who used to work here shared about an environment that favors men and despises women, even insulting female colleagues if they “do not mix water” for themselves. Kristen Fuller – who just left Riot Games last March said:

An unnamed female employee of Riot Games said that people in the office will start to mock and insult her if she refuses to do the job of a secretary, despite her position not to work. jobs like that


Many others also share that they often have to do jobs that exceed their salary and position, but they still try to complete them. However, when completed, they are still not appreciated and Riot Games will suddenly recruit a male employee to replace them. Not only that, some employees including both men and women also mentioned that many sensitive photos of senior positions in the company were sent to female employees, saying that they wanted to have sex with employees. this. Some even claim that the company also has a List of female employees passed through the hands of senior positions, specifically listing the names they want or will sleep with.

Immediately after learning the content of the article, Riot added information to the company policy section on its Website at the end of May:


With Riot’s article and reaction, the community League of Legends is becoming turbulent. Many people are disappointed that the development team they love has such a working environment.. While others are skeptical about the legitimacy of employees who have left Riot. What do you think about this issue? Let everyone know by sharing through the comments below.

Readers can also read the full article on Kotaku here:

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