9 startling details you didn’t realize in the Avengers Infinity War trailer

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Trailer Avengers Infinity War was officially “exploded” last night, giving viewers the first look at the silver screen masterpiece of Marvel. However, with so many rewinding images in front of them, many fans will miss out on many interesting details from the trailer the trailer wants to convey. Because of this, Emergenceingame.Com will point out 9 startling details that few people realize in the trailer of Avengers Infinity War right here.

Iron Man calling for help from Captain America?

After Civil War, the two leading Avengers, Captain America and Iron Man, stood head-to-head. However, before retreating, Cap still left a message for his former teammates… “No matter what happens, I promise… if you need us.. if you need me.. then i will be there”. And right in the trailer of Avengers Infinity War last night, we saw a glimpse of Tony Stark holding the phone that Steve left behind.


Loki’s intentions

A scene from the trailer shows Loki holding the Tesseract in his hand. This puts fans in an internal struggle, perhaps as well as Loki himself. It is highly likely that Loki voluntarily submitted to Thanos and gave him the Tesseract.. or he could completely be mind controlled by the Mad Titan.. Maybe Loki will help his brother this time. , because as we all know Loki the movie version does not have the same big ambition as in the comics.


Thanos has 2 infinity stones

In the scene where Thanos appeared, we can see that he was holding the Gauntlet with 2 Infinity Stones or Infinity Stones. These two Infinity Stones are the Space Stone – Space Stone, which is located inside the Tesseract block.. and Power Stone – Energy Stone, which appeared in Guardians of the Galaxy. Each Infinity Stone has the power to destroy an entire planet and even beyond that.. So the fact that Thanos has two Infinity Stones in his hands is not really good news for the Avengers.


No more Avengers Tower

Although only a brief glance, we can realize that the Avengers tower now no longer has the letter A on the top. This implies it is no longer active or does not serve the superhero squad anymore.

Names do not appear

The trailer is only nearly 2 minutes but it’s true Avengers Infinity War There are still no names that influence the Marvel world. The most typical is the absence of Hawkeye and Nick Fury … besides names like Ant-man, Wasp and Valkyrie.

Hulk wearing Hulkbuster

Well, this can be considered the most unexpected thing we see in the trailer. In a scene where Bruce Banner appears in Wakanda, viewers can see the doctor standing next to Hulkbuster’s arm. And soon viewers continued to see this armor appear outside the city with the image of landing on the ground bearing the Hulk brand. Will the Green Giant really wear the armor that helped defeat himself?


Green leaves hit the roof of Doctor Trang

The Avengers Infinity War trailer does not forget to show viewers that Hulk is officially back on Earth and as usual brings heavy losses to wherever he sets foot. However, this time it seems fate is playing a joke when Bruce Banner/Hulk falls on the right roof of Doctor Strange..


Cap doesn’t use shields

Continuing to be a scene that can be considered the most remarkable throughout the trailer, depicting the image of Captain America and his teammates rushing into battle. However, in addition to slicked back hair and a beard that exudes a crazy aura, Cap also surprised us when he was no longer wearing the famous shield. Instead Cap uses a type of arm armor cum weapon of Wakanda and most likely made from Vibranium.

Some readers may argue that Cap’s shield has been returned to Iron Man, but in the trailer you can hear Black Panther’s dialogue: “Evacuate the city. Engage all defenses. And get this man a shield “.. ie “Evacate the city. Activate all defenses.. and get this guy a shield..” This means that Cap got himself a new shield but soon he appears with the image of going to battle without a shield. This leads to 2 possibilities. One is his new weapon that can transform into a new shield. Second, this new shield was destroyed in an event that forced him to use Wakanda’s weapon.


Proxima Midnight

In the trailer we also see one of the mighty generals under Thanos. Yes, that’s Proxima Midnight. Her weapon is a spear with the ability to control Hulk with the power of a star.. Interestingly, we later see the blonde version of Black Window also fight with the same spear.

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