Top blockbuster movies that audiences only wish were made into games

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It is not uncommon for games and movies to inspire each other. A lot of movies are adapted from games that have achieved great success and so are games. Here is a list of extremely promising movies to make into games.



Christopher Nolan’s Tenet has a context and many details that are very suitable for adaptation to a blockbuster game. Tenet is the story of a CIA agent with the nickname The Protagonist who is recruited by a secret organization to save the world from World War III. Instead of going to the future, the film gives us the concept of “time island”, meaning everything will be backwards. Even the surrounding environment is reversed in such a way that hot becomes cold, for example, when a person is on fire, he will have hypothermia rather than burn. With this unique idea, the game inspired by Tenet will have very impressive gameplay.

In case Tenet is actually made into a game, Arkane – the developer behind Dishonored, Prey and Deathloop is probably the most suitable name that can handle everything perfectly. It’s clear that Arkane knows how to turn abstract concepts like “back in time” into engaging gameplay. Basically, Arkane can develop Tenet into a co-op game but in reality the player has only one, it’s just that they at different times will have different identities and each of these identities is considered as a separate character.

The Hunger Games (Hunger Games)


The plot is not much different from “The Game of Death” written by Japanese author Koushun Takami, the film is also the story of a group of unfortunate teenagers who are thrown into the government’s inhuman game. Participants are forced to slaughter their competitors in order to be the sole survivor. Instead of the familiar Battle Royale genre, The Hunger Games can follow the narrative game direction, focusing on the plot from the perspective of a certain character. It sounds quite interesting but this is definitely a difficult topic to explore because related to violence, children must kill each other to find their lives.

One developer capable of solving these conundrums is probably Naughty Dog. Reality has proven time and time again, Naughty Dog has done this very well, difficult problems, confusing situations are all turned into humanistic stories by the game company.

Speed ​​Racer


Speed ​​Racer released in 2008 was not appreciated by the audience, so no games were adapted from this movie, except for only one game that was released also in 2008, at the same time as the movie was released. However, with the current technological developments, there is a lot we can do with this genre of street racing. Crazy roads are completely recreated, models can be made a million times more beautiful, players can even customize the driving and fighting ability of a vehicle.

The developer with the most potential to make this game is none other than Rockstar. Rockstar has a knack for unconventional ideas and has a wealth of experience in driving mechanics, as evidenced by GTA 5.

Lord of the Rings


There have been many games inspired by “Lord of the Rings” and many of them have been really successful. Even so, a classic, single-player, open-world role-playing game is still what fans have come to expect. There, the player can take a hike from the Shire to Mount Doom to explore everything. It doesn’t have to take place during the time of the story or movie, just allows the player to create a character of their choice and enter the huge open world, doing quests and doing what they see. is important.

Bethesda is the right name to make this game. Bethesda has the ability to create a large and diverse open world, although ideally, the world in “Lord of the Rings” would be much larger than the games the game studio has ever created.

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