Famous Call of Duty gamers quit the game because of too many Hacks

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Warzone got off to a good start, but since its release, the game has run into some problems. Bughow to develop the game and the amount hacker The growing popularity of Warzone has led to a lot of criticism from professional players and content creators.


Recently, one more content creator shared his views on Warzone. In a newly posted video, YouTuber Vikkstar explained the drop in content about Warzone on his channel and confirmed hackers were the reason for him quit game.

Vikkstar said: “Activision really did not identify the number of active hackers. More, streamer recounted that, while playing Warzone, he once met a hacker who was livestreaming the hacking process in front of more than 100 viewers on Facebook Gaming: “It’s a Prestige 2 account with hours of gameplay, the guy is still hacking and not getting penalized. You can laugh or cry because this is sad, that this is the current state of a title The game we used to love and play every day.”

Then Vikkstar delves into his relationship with Activision and hope my video can help draw more attention to fraud issues. Vikkstar asserts: “Although I am a CoD partner, this is a way to show Activision that ‘This problem needs to be solved, this really needs to be fixed’. shared his views on cheating and warned that “this is really going to kill the game.”

Like previous criticism of player Mason ‘Symfuhny’ Lanier, Vikkstar also revealed that playing with so many hackers can be stressful: “if Warzone has an update with new content, I’ll be back. , but until then playing Warzone is like a burden for me.”


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