Dream Town Story – Build a city with Kairosoft’s Super Addictive Game

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You can’t help but not know Kairosoft – Japanese development team with mobile simulation games that are gentle but have unusual charm. With those games, players can return to their childhood images through funny 8-bit models, feeling a relaxed gameplay that simulates the most everyday activities.

Dream Town Story – Game Mobile has just been released by Kairosoft, which is a prime example of that style. Dream Town Story takes gamers to a colorful world with the task of building a small town to become famous all over the world.


As SimCityDream Town Story lets players play the role of a newly elected mayor, responsible for developing his hometown to make it as prosperous as possible. Starting with road paving and land planning, gamers can attract people to the town to live and boost their economy. But the good thing is that each resident will have a life and passion of his own, for example this guy is a freelancer who likes games and eats cake, the other girl wants to invade the stock market with a hobby of walking. Park. Therefore, each person will have their own dream and when those dreams are fulfilled you will have your own happy residents.


Not only that, the lives of these residents are also affected by a multitude of different factors such as the living environment or the surrounding landscape. To help them feel satisfied, you can bring in more neighbors or plant more plants to help freshen the air. Seeing our residents busy with their daily lives, chatting with each other or having their own hobbies… really gives us an incredible warm feeling.


Indeed Dream Town Story is a great Mobile Game that you cannot ignore.. a low note for those who are tired of gun and sword games. Currently Dream Town Story has been released for free, ready for readers to enjoy by downloading the game directly here:

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